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Podcast #138 - Clarice Feldman Interview

Podcast #138 - Clarice Feldman Interview


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Dear Friends,

“All good things come to those who wait,” and such is our delayed podcast by virtue of an important interview with Clarice Feldman.

A brilliant thinker and prolific writer for the “American Thinker,” Ms. Feldman’s observations on Hamas's war against Israel are enlightening. Our conversation centers around her latest article (Sunday, Nov. 26), “Manipulating with Lies and Manufactured Sob Stories,” followed by some enticing sidebars along the way, including this one:

To find more of Clarice’s work, go to: https://www.americanthinker.com/author/clarice_feldman/

We trust you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and look forward to your joining us this coming Saturday, December 2.

Yikes! Get out those parkas!

With Thanks for You,

Philip & D. Paul

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