Mar 11 • 46M

Podcast # 102 - Beyond The Glass Ceiling

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From Hollywood to the Heartland, two spirited actors/directors keep you posted on politics and the culture.
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Dear Listeners,

Today’s podcast draws heavily from an article written by the provocative writer and brilliant historian, Heather MacDonald (In Loco Masculi—The feminization of the American university is all but complete. Heather MacDonald,, March 5, 2023).

In examining the “feminization” of our universities, Ms. MacDonald maintains that “Female students and administrators often exist in a co-dependent relationship, united by the concepts of victim identity and of trauma.” Building on that, we compare the feminization of academia to the feminization and sexualization of our progressive churches.

A familiar “villain” and a wise “hero” send us merrily on our way as the clock “springs forward” tomorrow. Enjoy the additional daylight and…

Enjoy the Podcast!

Philip & D. Paul

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