Sep 16 • 47M

Podcast #129 - Defending Family and Sanity

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Philip Charles MacKenzie
D. Paul Thomas
From Hollywood to the Heartland, two spirited actors/directors keep you posted on politics and the culture.
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Dear Friends,

California takes center stage this podcast with a series of bills waiting for Governor Newsom’s anticipated signature by October 14, bills which will essentially take away the most basic, parenting rights from millions of mothers and fathers of the “tarnished” Golden State.

We follow that with Governor Michelle Grisham’s “public health order” that temporarily bans firearms in certain New Mexico counties, while pausing to salute a half-dozen Republican senators (all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee) who called on Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice “to enforce the Constitution and intervene on behalf of the constitutional rights of New Mexicans to stop this unconstitutional act from standing.”

Courageous Governor Glenn Youngkin and clinical psychologist Jordan Petersen send us hopefully on our way by defending our families and our sanity against the Left’s banalities, as expressed by former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich.

Hard to believe, but our next podcast, Saturday, September 23, will be the first day of autumn, so get out those cardigans. And here’s wishing so many of our listeners a meaningful and joyful Rosh Hashanah!

With Thanks for You!

Philip & D. Paul

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