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Entering Stage Right Podcast
Podcast #136: Liel Leibovitz Interview

Podcast #136: Liel Leibovitz Interview


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Dear Friends,

Don’t miss listening to our new podcast—Liel Leibovitz Interview—covering a wide range of subjects dealing with the tragedy of October 7 and its aftermath.

Mr. Leibovitz is currently Editor at Large of the online Tablet Magazine, tabletmag.com, co-host of Tablet’s weekly, cultural podcast, Unorthodox, and host of their daily Talmud podcast, Take One. Liel has authored several books, including the recently released, “How the Talmud Can Change Your Life.” He’s written for The Nation, New Republic, Newsweek, etc., and has an array of enlightening articles on tabletmag.com, several which we discuss today.

Thanks for joining us, and, as always, thank you for sharing Entering Stage Right with a friend!

And a special thanks to all our wonderful veterans!


Philip & D. Paul

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Entering Stage Right Podcast
Entering Stage Right Podcast
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