Jul 30 • 46M

Podcast #70 - The Woke Are Awakened

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From Hollywood to the Heartland, two spirited actors/directors keep you posted on politics and the culture.
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This week we highlight several leftists who disagree with the extreme agendas being pushed by their over-the-top, radical colleagues. In the process, we focus in on Romano Bessinger, who was reinstated after blowing the whistle on the “new,” CRT curricula being taught at the school where she teaches in Providence, Rhode Island.

Along the way, we look at “gays against groomers” (bravo!), and at a Middle School where boys can wear dresses to school during Gay Pride Month but are disciplined for wearing Uggs and discouraged from wearing “Old Glory” attire. Meanwhile, the dress code allows male teachers to wear stilettoes: “…if the teacher is comfortable wearing them, then the school supports him." How chic!

While the woke are being awakened, a Canadian hero and some good African bishops end our podcast on a most encouraging note!

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