Feb 4 • 49M

Podcast #97 - Will the Real Scott Wiener Stand Up!

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From Hollywood to the Heartland, two spirited actors/directors keep you posted on politics and the culture.
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Thank God, “As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation” is a tired aphorism, incapable of standing up against the conservative states that challenge woke ideology.

This week, we take a close look at Senator Scott Wiener, (D-San Francisco, Senate District 11), whose “progressive” bills are making the Golden State a “sex-trafficking paradise.” We also highlight an article from the American Journal of Medicine, suggesting that “freedom” might be hazardous to your health, turning you into a reckless driver!

We wrap it up by focusing in on two heroes who are pushing back against our woke universities and against our weaponized Department of Justice.

Thanks for joining us, and do let us know if you spot the Chinese spy balloon.

Keep Looking Up!

Philip & D. Paul

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